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to assist in the improvement of International Administrative Law

An invitation to help to change International Administrative Law

The International Administrative Law Centre of Excellence is a community interest company that has been created in order to assist in the global development and improvement of International Administrative Law. Its aim is to be a centre of excellence and an effective ‘think tank’ from which new and thought-provoking ideas and concepts will emerge, which, together with promoting international best practices, will enhance and significantly improve the employment law of international organisations worldwide. Through the work of its membership, the Centre’s mandate and purpose is to be an effective focal point, ensuring fairness and justice for all who work within international organisations.

This exclusive group of professionals invites applications from anyone who is involved in International Administrative Law: international civil servants, legal practitioners, union representatives, mediators, ombudspersons and academics, in fact anyone who wants to become engaged in the evolution of the law.

Members will be able to debate and share their experiences of International Administrative Law through:

  • Attendance at an Annual Conference at a discounted rate
  • Seminars

So if you are, for example, an international civil servant; or part of the leadership of a Staff Association or Staff Union; or a member of a grievance or disciplinary committee, board or tribunal and you wish to better understand the prevailing issues of the day and contribute meaningfully to the effective development of International Administrative Law, why not apply today? Members will be invited to submit papers, articles and personal experiences that express and explain their first-hand dealings with International Administrative Law, whether good or bad.

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